Critic's Choice: Glass Hits plays November 4 at the Larimer Lounge

Joe Piza, Dave Beckhouse and Brian Wilson were in hardcore band Warsaw Surrenders around the middle of the last decade. That band split too soon, but the three started playing together again before long and recruited former Vaux bassist Greg Daniels and vocalist Keith Curts, who had been playing in the same local underground circles, which included the likes of Angel Hair and the VSS. With Glass Hits (due at the Larimer Lounge on Friday, November 4), it's like these guys decided to do something fun and visceral in the vein of the great Swami Records noise-rock bands of the '90s. Their latest release, Pioneers Get the Arrows, Settlers Get the Land, captures some of the group's incendiary and kinetic energy, but nothing stands in for seeing Curts flail about like a marionette guided only by the raw force of the music.


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