Critic's Choice: Gritch at the Larimer Lounge

Christian Atencio and Sean Payton formed Gritch in the spring of 2006, brought together by a mutual love for well-crafted, well-produced pop songs informed by simple melodies. The band's debut album, The World Was Asleep, is full of refreshingly spare songs with subtly lush atmospheres and a penchant for taking a melancholy undertone and turning it into a yearning hopefulness. Like the Cure and Depeche Mode, Gritch (due at the Larimer Lounge on Saturday, November 6) mixes synthesizers with more traditional rock instrumentation and electronic drums. Atencio's winsome vocals and acoustic guitar ground the music, while Alejandro Parra's ethereal and wiry guitar work and Payton's multi-instrumental acrobatics weave the stuff of daydreams into the songs. Celebrating the release of its latest album, the gorgeously stark Arrivals & Departures, Gritch is back on stage after an extended hiatus.


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