Critic's Choice: The Dirty Lookers, July 31 at Wax Trax

With the ebb and flow of bands and styles in any musical community, it's easy to forget or overlook anyone involved in an area of a scene you don't know. Pam Puente was one-third of the punk-rock band Double-Barreled Slingshots last decade. Even if you weren't really into the group, there's no question that Puente put some air behind her vocals, and her presence as a frontwoman was undeniable. With The Dirty Lookers (due on Sunday, July 31 at Wax Trax), Puente teams up with other veterans of the Denver rock scene — such as Chris Kieft, Sara Fischer and Gerry Feit — for a band that doesn't try to fit into a narrow genre (as evidenced by its new record, the aptly titled Audiovoyeur). The outfit's bluesy and soulful music is visceral, earthy and (thank goodness) unironically heartfelt.


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