Critic's Choice: The Skivies, June 25 at the Meadowlark

Even though these jokers have taken at least a year off, anyone lucky enough to have seen the band can attest to the fact that the Skivies are not quite like any other band. Yeah, the Butthole Surfers comparison is obvious, especially considering that DJ Von Felt uses a device called The Brain to contort his vocals. But guitarist Zahari Tsigularov plays like the artistic offspring of Helios Creed and Geordie — partly tripped out and partly savage — while Sean Boyd's creative bass lines bring in a dark undercurrent of dense low end to complement Christian Schwaed's Dave Lombardo-esque intensity and versatility behind the drum kit. Releasing its first album in five years at a triple CD-release show with like-minded weirdos Action Friend and Osyluth, the Skivies (due at the Meadowlark on Saturday, June 25) should not be missed. Stop by for a full Q&A with the band in advance of the show.


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