Cryogen's Continuum dazzles with studio production, but the band makes an even bigger statement by offering up intricate, melodic death-metal guitars that would rock on an unpolished demo tape. The album is bolstered with digital symphonic effects that add drama to the music, similar to the approach taken by bands such as Fleshgod Apocalypse or Dimmu Borgir, only Cryogen does not have a live keyboard player. In this regard, Continuum feels like the Lord of the Rings soundtrack infused with death metal. Recently added guitarist Greg Burgess (Allegaeon, the Combustion Mechanism) lends his distinctive shredding to ten original tracks and one Carcass cover. "Rama II" features the best interplay of guitar and synthetic elements, while the anthemic "Rama I" stands out along with "Cagras Delusion," which offers the album's best guitar solo. Continuum is strong enough to help Cryogen achieve the next level of national exposure.


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