While it's tempting to blame the entire Lone Star State for the coldhearted, gold-digging idiot in the White House right now, not all of its citizens voted for him. Even Crawford, Dubya's supposed home town, recently screened Michael Moore's Bush-bashing Fahrenheit 9/11. D:Fuse, hands down the most well-known DJ in Texas, was one of nearly 3,000 in attendance that night. And worshiping Moore's work within earshot of enemy lines isn't the only "unpatriotic" activity he's been linked to lately. Beats 4 Change, the tour he's been co-headlining with Richard Humpty Vission, has donated the majority of its profits to the progressive group MoveOn.org (one of many organizations hell-bent on regime change). With less than a week left until November 2, this southpaw's donkey is already saddled. If only voting booths were equestrian-accessibleŠ


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