Daedelus at Bluebird Theater

The music of Daedelus sounds like steampunk IDM, chock-full of strange boops and loops that would sound right at home recorded on wax cylinders. Perhaps it's only appropriate that an artist who looks like a foppish dandy from the Victorian era would produce dusty, antique tunes from a make-believe time when clockwork robots play steam-driven synthesizers. Growing up, Daedelus was trained in classical and jazz and came to the world of electronic music through Warp and Ninja Tunes. He got into deejaying the weirder side of drum-and-bass and eventually became the anachronistic and idiosyncratic artist he is today. He took the name Daedelus as a nod to the mythological Greek inventor, and it fits his work: He's nothing if not inventive. Hear his latest inventions at the Bluebird Monday, October 5, where he'll be supported by CacheFlowe and DJ Musa Bailey.


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