Damon & Naomi

Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang first burst onto the international underground rock scene as two-thirds of influential dream-pop band Galaxie 500. When Galaxie split in 1991, on the verge of stardom, Damon and Naomi released their first EP as a duo. Ever since, Krukowski and Yang have produced a string of consistently interesting, hushed pop songs that take a bit of the dreaminess of their old band and blend it with folk and experimental rock. Yang's delicately emotive voice and sinuous bass lines and Krukowski's expertly accented drumming propel the project's breathy, moody pop songs and inhabit them with a fragile warmth. Whether as a duo or with longtime collaborator Michio Kurihara of psych-folk legends Ghost, Damon & Naomi continue to haunt daydreams with their upliftingly ethereal confections.


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