Dan Treanor & Code Blue

With more than 45 years of playing under his belt, Dan Treanor is a master of the blues. His Afrosippi band recently came in third out of 220 bands at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, but his Code Blue band, which features a different lineup, is just as impressive. On his latest effort, Bad Neighborhood, Treanor plays a few of the instruments he's made, such as the khalam (an African guitar) and his version of the diddley bow. It's his ace harmonica playing, though, that takes front and center, especially on the New Orleans-flavored "Ole' Mama" and the gritty opener, "On Fire." While Treanor tears it up throughout the disc, guitarist Steve Mignano lays down mean riffs on many of the cuts, including some killer slide playing on "Voodoo Blues," and singer Marc Bilker is a force to be reckoned with.


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