Danger Radio

The backlash against the sort of angsty emo that's dominated the modern-rock landscape in recent years is in full swing, and Danger Radio's definitely dialed to the current wavelength. Although the band, joined on this date by Farewell, Brighten and Red Care Wire, hails from Everett, Washington, in the middle of Kurt Cobain territory, the combo prefers bouncing beats and falsetto vocals to sludgy power chords and exaggerated raspiness. Witness Used and Abused, the act's latest for Photo Finish (the label that released 3OH!3's Want). When lead singer Andrew de Torres talks about "walking into danger," he's not referring to a firefight in Tikrit. Rather, he's readying himself "for a slow dance with a stranger." Jeez, Wally, if he's not careful, he could wind up with a bruised ego! Granted, Danger Radio's ass-shaking superficiality offers a catchy change of pace. But after a few more seasons of this, a return to angstiness might not be such a bad thing.


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