Danny Tenaglia

Danny Tenaglia is the ultimate DJ, the Platonic DJ form of which other DJs are but pale shadows. His roots can be traced back all the way to the legendary Paradise Garage in New York, where he witnessed the pioneering work of Larry Levan. Tenaglia's style is wide open, dictated by the mood on the dance floor and his impeccable talent for finding the dirtiest, most twisted grooves on the planet. He's remixed tracks for big-name stars including Madonna, Janet Jackson and Jamiroquai. On his own, he's scored a number of bona fide hits, most notably "Elements," a killer track that breaks down the components of dance music and spins them into a ferocious groove. His skills on deck are legendary, and he's particularly noted for marathon sets that can last all night. His initial Global Underground mix, Athens, has ascended to classic status among many dance aficionados. And now he's bringing it to Denver for the first time ever, in a special Sunday, May 25, set at Beta. If you're a dance-music fan in Denver, you have no excuse to miss this; it should be the benchmark for years to come.


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