Darin Epsilon brings a clue to Riddle of the Sphinx on Saturday, May 26

Darin Epsilon has long been on the cutting edge of the progressive and tech-house genres, possessing both the selective taste of a premier club DJ and an elite producer's talent for creating hypnotic tracks. He was a winner of John Digweed's DJ competition in 2011, he hosts a radio show and podcast (Perspectives), and he's frequently a guest on Sirius. Although he's currently based in Los Angeles, Epsilon grew up just outside of Chicago, where he first encountered dance music at the age of eleven. His steady, layered sets contain none of the overblown cheesiness that progressive house so often contains; instead, his sound is crisp and deep, with tech-driven effects to liven it up and mellow bass to carry the journey to the next level. He'll make his first main-stage appearance in Denver at the all-night underground bash Riddle of the Sphinx on Saturday, May 26; get tickets and info at

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