Dave Aude

As the in-house producer for Moonshine Music, the nation's largest independent dance label, Dave Aude (who appears at the Church on Friday, January 20) has produced and engineered some of the biggest names in dance music -- notably, Paul Oakenfold and Keoki, as well as pop stars like Lindsay Lohan and Madonna. His efforts have yielded fourteen number-one singles and earned him a reputation as a producer who can take whatever's thrown at him and turn it into gold. Aude's DJ sets show no bias in terms of style, and they reflect his approach to music in the studio: For him, a great tune is simply a great tune. Breaks, house, progressive, techno and drum-and-bass all have a place on his list, and he moves between genres in a way that isn't contrived at all, but rather showcases the strengths of each style. He's all over the place, but it never sounds like it.


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