Dave Aude at Beta

When a kid starts spinning records in his parents' basement, he dreams of having the kind of career Dave Audé has had — if he dreams big. Let's look at it by the numbers: 44 Billboard #1 dance tracks, including eighteen in 2009 alone, and toss in a Grammy nomination for good measure. Then let's name-drop, shall we? Audé's remixed just about everybody: In the recent past alone, he's lent his expertise to club-friendly remixes of Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Katy Perry and Rihanna. Go back a few years, and you can add everyone from Beyoncé to Korn to that list. He also finds time to remix for fellow dance-music acts, too, including everyone from BT to local trance hero Kostas. From that eclectic list, you can probably guess that he has an omnivorous and accessible sound: a little bit trance, some big, shiny house, and a whole lot of whatever the kids are digging at any given time. Whatever he's doing, you can be sure he's doing it right: You don't achieve that kind of success by half-assing it. Check him out yourself on Saturday, August 28, when he plays Beta.


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