Dave Matthews Band

Dear Dave: We welcome you to town with open arms and full hearts. Admittedly, though, this wasn't our first plan. In the beginning, we were going to write something snarky about your three-night, sold-out Red Rocks run, alluding to a brilliant article in the August 25 Onion headlined "Dave Matthews Not That Into Himself Anymore," and pointing out that the fast fade of Stand Up, the latest DMB disc, suggests that a lot of CD buyers have come to similar conclusions. But you (below) ruined our fun. First you teamed up with Conscious Alliance to collect non-perishable food items at the performances. Then, as a capper, you added a fourth Red Rocks date, with proceeds benefiting the victims of Hurricane Katrina. How the hell could we enjoy ribbing you about your boring music after that? Instead, we salute your generosity and promise never, ever to mock you in advance of a local appearance as long as all the profits from area shows have been earmarked for a worthy cause. If, on the other hand, the primary charity receiving dough generated by future gigs is you, we'll go back to being sarcastic again. Sound fair? Sweet! Sincerely...


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