Dawn Safari

With each release, Dawn Safari blazes trails farther into the mushroom forest of dream bass, the self-described subgenre for his spacey brand of beats. His newest project, Tangerine Haze, is a three-track EP that further hones the aesthetic he solidified on Make Belief last fall: clever bass lines, thick washes of synth, footwork-style kicks, and anxious, skittering hi-hats. The title track's bent vocal layers drift through the air over a knocking, Southern-flavored beat, while "At Night" stutters into itself with crowd-chant chops before a well-rounded bass rises from the sea. This is the sound of a certain kind of sunrise, one welcomed with both a shiver and a grin. Also included is a fire remix of "Tangerine Haze" by Philly-based DJ/producer Tanner Caldwell, who gets the track turned up another level with some well-placed tom rolls and post-Timbaland vocal samples.


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