Dawn Safari

With its refreshing take on percussion and production, the music on Dawn Safari's Mask isn't what you'd expect during the height of bass's fame. Rather than building up to massive drops, this chilled-out drum-and-bass relies on samples and loops, with nods to hip-hop — but even those are subtle and easily forgotten when the synths take over. The slow-building beat of opener "You Don't Know" doesn't peak like you'd expect it to, and the dream-like "Shout Out," featuring Tiny Bubbles, showcases a rolling melody of trickling sounds. On "Wishh," Dawn Safari toys with distortion and effects, but never really reaches beyond the groundwork of the opening track. Mask is an impressive outing for the rising producer. It will be exciting to see where he takes this project next if he continues to focus on the music rather than cave in to the bass trend.


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