The debut album from Reed Fuchs (déCollage) is a ten-track collection of psychedelic, surrealist pop that oscillates between the melting fluidity of the Flaming Lips and the irreverent DIY experiments of early Beck meshed with some Animal Collective-esque, experimental neo-folk-pop-musical-collective rhythmic structures. Although it's cut into songs, the album plays continuously, and each tune evolves through phases stretching from melodic indie and washes of white noise to clanks of repurposed percussion and blurps of swaying electronic bass and hypnotic guitar loops. It's the musical equivalent of washing down psilocybin with absinthe and then dancing around in an open meadow with friendly railroad bums armed with homemade instruments and plenty of cigarettes. If you like to be simultaneously challenged by and absorbed into music listening, then this is worth forty minutes of your time.


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