DDC takes its acronym seriously, spouting an angry mantra based on the nihilistic values of Death, Destruction and Chaos. Totally punk-rock, man! But frivolities aside, in spite of its relatively young existence, the act has established itself as a purveyor of local thrash metal. In a scene that feels increasingly fickle, you're hard-pressed to find a band that actually takes to heart the rigid definitions of its own self-imposed genre. The End of Days culls inspiration from such typical influences as Slayer and Kill 'Em All-era Metallica. The outfit is solidly metal when it tries out bastardized Maiden riffs, and suitably punk-rock when its choruses "whoa-ooh-ooh" out like the Misfits. And if not for the silliness of some of the song titles ("Anti Screamo Coalition," "Slaughter of the Crowd Surfer," "Killorado"), DDC could easily become a strong musical challenger in its own so-called war against the poser subgenre laughingly referred to as fashioncore. Thrash 'til death, dudes.


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