Dead Poetic

It's no secret: Every Hot Topic sapling from Mootown to Motown knows emo's been dead for years. What once was deemed so profound and, er, poetic is no more. Promise Ring: food for worms. Ditto Texas Is the Reason, Mineral, Christie Front Drive, Sunny Day Real Estate and every other knockoff they spawned. Or so we thought. While you were sleeping, four kids from Ohio drained the embalming fluid and reanimated the corpse by slapping a pair of headphones with War All the Time on infinite repeat on its head. So take heart, dear ones: The overly sincere, octave-chord tortured sounds of yesterday are back and being dragged around the country by a band called -- appropriately -- Dead Poetic (below). But for what it's worth, this act is dead-on in terms of channeling emo's spirit.


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