Deadboy & the Elephantmen

Deadboy & the Elephantmen's crime isn't that the group sounds too much like the White Stripes. It's that the coed garage duo doesn't sound enough like the White Stripes. It would be a thousand times more tolerable to listen to a decent, inspired ripoff of Jack and Meg than We Are Night Sky, a transparent stab at giving the Stripes formula just enough of a twist to sell it to hipsters who dropped Elephant like a hot potato the first time they saw some pukka-shell-wearing bros headbanging to it. All the requisites are here: whittled-down guitar, histrionic man-mewl, remedially mystic folk. The only thing Deadboy & the Elephantmen forgot to cop from the White Stripes was the most important one: the burning desire to do your own thing.


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