Dean Paul's murky, twisted beats are irresistible

In order to fully understand the impact Dean Paul has had on the West Coast techno scene, you should know that he is a full-time resident with Droid Behavior, the Los Angeles collective behind the Droid Recordings label (other residents include techno powerhouses Audio Injection, Drumcell and Raíz), the D-Node podcast and countless techno underground events that have kept the L.A. scene popping. Dean Paul (due this Friday, February 15, in the Beatport Lounge at Beta) started mixing tracks when he was a mere fourteen years old and graduated to producing his own selections about a decade ago, when he was in his early twenties. His sound is on the murky side, dark and twisted and — like that of Chris Liebing (with whom he has performed) — completely undeniable when it beckons you onto the dance floor.


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