Death and the Lovers

Screaming? In general, thumbs up — but vocalists who roar too often risk sapping the technique of its power, much as comedians who constantly swear wind up making the word "fuck" seem about as shocking as the typical show on the ABC Family Channel.

Death and the Lovers' self-titled debut EP showcases bellowing's pros and cons. Vocalist Drummond's howling works well throughout "Three," the hyperkinetic opener, and "Horrible at Girls," an appropriately chaotic track that benefits immeasurably from the frantic interplay of his uni-monikered comrades: guitarist Jeremy, drummer Andrew and bassist Jeff. In contrast, the random AARRGGHHs he insists on wedging into the sweepingly atmospheric "Paraphrasing for Years" seem unnecessary and silly, like a temper tantrum in church — at least until the tune's appropriately turbulent conclusion, which makes scream-free offerings such as the relatively prettified "Sickness, Health" seem pedestrian in comparison.

If there's no reason to wail, clam up. Otherwise, holla.


Death and the Lovers


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