Death of Self grinds at Blast-O-Mat on Monday, July 30

Mental Disintegration is the perfect title for the latest release from Death of Self (due Monday, July 30, at Blast-O-Mat), as the music evokes the human mind desperately on the brink of collapse. This on-again, off-again project includes Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire's Ethan McCarthy, but Death of Self is no mere side project. The song title "Knife Raised (Grindcore is all I have. Grindcore is my mother fucking life's blood)" pretty much spells out the band's aesthetic: It's pure modern grind, with heated-asphalt, gargling vocals erupting amid slashing song dynamics and blast beats. This is not the kind of act you go see on a whim unless you're a veteran of this stuff — that is, unless you're already prepared to witness the musical equivalent of a rendering plant combined with the interior of a blast furnace. Wildly, relentlessly brutal, yet rhythmically nuanced.


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