Death Rides West

The name of this recording (and of the band) perfectly fits the music found on it. Frontman Al Trout, whose deep baritone at times recalls a murky Lee Hazlewood, sings about ghosts, vampires, devils and outlaws. The EP's dusty tunes are steeped in sinister Americana. "Lonesome River" and "Inky Wine" are clearly inspired by the spaghetti-Western scores of Ennio Morricone, while the rhumba groove and twangy guitar of Cody Tantalo on "Crooked Path" share a certain kinship with the Tom Waits cut "Jockey Full of Bourbon." Although there are only three songs on the disc, it's a great portrayal of what Death Rides West is capable of in a live setting, as well as the ideal soundtrack for a Gothic Western.


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