Demon Funkies

During "GD Funk," Punk Junkies' concluding track, Demon Funkies singer Ryan Chrys pays tribute to George Clinton and Stevie Wonder — but Wild Cherry is probably a more appropriate reference point. The players, who headline a Thursday, May 29, CD-release party at the Bluebird Theater with Strange Condition and the Flash Mob, produce guitar-driven party boogie that's funky mainly by white-boy standards. Granted, the Funkies' latest offers a decent amount of entertainment value. "Jonas" is a codpiece-ready slab of cock rock, and "Screwdriver Tattoo" mates Hemi-powered guitar riffs with flash-those-devil-horns lines such as "Rock and roll ain't dead/It's just gone to hell." The slinky/speedy "Then You Come By" is less successful, but it does feature a shout-out to a kindred spirit, G. Love. Ass-shaking Caucasians of the world, unite.


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