Denver Art Rock Collective

The term "art rock" has fallen out of favor in recent years, largely because of its close association with certain pretentious and tedious '70s-era acts. (Can I name one of the worst offenders? The answer is...Yes!) Last year, however, a gaggle of enterprising locals decided to resurrect the descriptor by forming the Denver Art Rock Collective — and DARC events this weekend should go a long way toward furthering their mission. Yerkish, New Ancient Astronauts, Amphibious Jones and the Inactivists (pictured) congregate at the Walnut Room on Friday, November 2, while the Skivies, Action Friend, Little Fyodor and Prolly get together at 3 Kings Tavern on Saturday, November 3. Each group is represented on Denver Art Rock Collective Vol. 1, 2007, an intriguing yet unexpectedly accessible CD sampler whose release is being celebrated at these shows, and event organizers promise "lots of cross-collaboration and wacky hijinks." With luck, the results will cast the phrase "art rock" in a more positive light rather than reminding listeners why musicians stopped using it in the first place.


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