Denver Does Denver: Find out Who's Doing Who

Denver Does Denver: Find out Who's Doing Who

Denver Does Denver sounds more salacious than it is -- though we're sure there's a sexualized metaphor in there somewhere that was intended. If you haven't heard about it, Denver Does Denver, slated to take place tomorrow night at the Meadowlark, is a rad little show put together by the fine peeps at Illiterate Magazine in which a cast of Denver artists and musicians reinterpret each others work. Last year at Old Curtis Street and Bar Bar, Slight Harp and Safe Boating is No Accident did Pictureplane, who did 3OH!3. Find out who's doing who this year after the jump.

Denver Does Denver: Find out Who's Doing Who

Flobots - Hot IQs, Tickle Me Pink, The Pirate Signal

Bil Lil (Lilly Scott & Cole Rudy of Varlet) - Mike Marchant

Esme Patterson (Paper Bird) - Kingdom of Magic

Houses - Achille Lauro

Legendary River Drifters - Speed Wolf

200 Million Years - Natural Selection

Aenka - Laura Goldhammer

Hideous Men - Milton Melvin Croissant III, Night of Joy

Hunter Dragon - Arthur and Dominic Sing the Hits, Friends Future Reunion Tour

Littles Paia - Freedomhater mashup of Denver favorites

Married In Berdichev - Tommy Metz

Night of Joy - Lust-Cats of the Gutters

Obio's Arrow - Los Dos

Pink Hawks - Bad Weather California

Pythian Whispers - Czar, Night of Joy

Safe Boating Is No Accident - Pee-Pee

A Setting Science - Rett Rogers Film

ABG - Josephine & the Mousepeople

Chaperone - Crawl

Lumineers - Sawmil Joe

Key of D - Born in the Flood, Achille Lauro, Rachel Pollard

Mano & Saffo - Matson Jones

Nuevo Leon - Oblio's Arrow (in the style of Dinosaur Jr.)

Denver Does Denver: Find out Who's Doing Who

Manu Budant - Matthew Novak

Matthew Doubek - Ravi Zupa

Hillary Frey - Brittany Gould

Ruben Gaucin - Josh Keys

Andrew Hoffman - John Fellows

Chris Huth - Max Kauffman

Jouvelt - Evan Heckox

SDK - Justin Beard

Max Kauffman - John Fellows

Sander Lindeke - Scot Lefavor, Thinkmule

Jaime Molina - Moeh

Steven Prochyra - Luis Jimenez, Lawrence Argent

Katherine Rutter - Brittany Gould

Eryn Tomlinson - Clark Richert

Harry C. Walters - Justin Beard

Mike Broberg - Mario Zoots

FYI: Aron Dubois, Scott Ferguson, Josh Holland, Jill Hadley Hooper, Matthew Novak, Andrew Novick, Sam Turner and Jeremy "Silas" Ulibarri are also slated to take part, but there's no word yet on whose work they'll be taking on.

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