Denver Guitar Festival

Guitarist Dave Beegle has been shredding in these parts for so long that it's easy to take him for granted. But he's a talented player more than capable of holding his own among the acts participating in the Denver Guitar Festival, which takes place on Saturday, September 23, at the Ogden Theatre. The event's headliner is Phil Keaggy, who'll reunite for the evening with the original members of Glass Harp, a Christian-oriented trio whose music turned the heads of believers and non-believers alike during the late '60s and early '70s. Phil's son, Ian Keaggy, is also slated to perform, with P.O.D.'s Jason Truby, Ashley Cleveland and Kenny Greenberg filling out the bill. The artists will participate in a guitar workshop scheduled at 2 p.m., with the show itself getting under way at 6 p.m. There's a separate admission price for each event (visit for details), but plenty of string-bending and fretboard abuse is expected at both. So take your pick.


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