Ten of Denver's Best Music Producers

6. Angie Dickinson Mickle, Avocado Productions at the Zephyr Room
Dickinson Mickle is the owner of Avocado Productions, a company she named based on the name she shares with actress Angie Dickinson, who previously starred in ads for the California Avocado Commission. The Broomfield-based Avocado Productions has most recently recorded work for Left Lane Highway, Chicago singer-songwriter Steve Francque, Eric Genius and Grant Sabin.

7. Tim Gerak, Mammoth Cave Studio
Located near the Oriental Theater, Mammoth Cave has churned out some stunning records over the years, generally from the alt/indie crowd, with bands including the Still Tide, Strange Americans, Shady Elders, Attic Wolves and Elephant Society. Gerak was a member of the Ohio post-rock band Six Parts Seven, but that band is on hiatus. He brought his studio to Denver and is a welcome addition to the local scene.

8. Joshua Olsen, Third and James Music
Olsen was a career musician, moving between great music cities like Seattle and Nashville before settling in Denver in 2014. He owns Third and James Music, and built a solid reputation locally thanks to stellar work with musicians such as Christian singer-songwriter Rebekah Lind and country band the Wyatts. Roscoe Wyatt of the latter band said, “Joshua has been able to help transform my sound and my direction with his years of experience.” Apparently, Olsen also makes his own whiskey and will pass it around while recording. That’s quite a selling point.

9. Cheff Premier
Influenced by both Pharrell and Max Martin, Cheff Premier is striving to find his own sound, while maintaining an element of accessibility. Of Martin, Premier admits that the sheer number of hits that the pop guru has penned and produced is something he admires. Premier has a natural ear for melody, and it can be heard in his work.

10. Henry “Broz” Rowland, High Kite Productions
Broz is the owner and principal/director of High Kite Productions. He’s also an on-site record producer, executive producer, songwriter, composer, lyricist, audio/mastering engineer, music publisher, session musician and recording artist. In other words, Broz does everything. High Kite has produced records by the Rowland Brothers (obviously), the Dreamers, Max-E and, weirdly enough, Allen Ginsberg. That’s quite a CV.

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