Denver's ten best side projects

Catch Dragondeer tomorrow night at the Larimer Lounge.
Catch Dragondeer tomorrow night at the Larimer Lounge.
Zale Hassler

The Swayback is obviously Eric Halborg's main gig. But lately he's been moonlighting in Dragondeer, a side project he helms with Swayback drummer Carl Sorensen and Cole Rudy of Varlet on mandolin and lap steel. With Dragondeer, Halborg and company delve into some swampy blues and reverb-drenched psych folk that's a bit different from his main gig. That's the best part of side projects and kind of the point: They allow musicians to spread their wings a little and explore a different side of the artistic inclinations. At any given moment, there's no shortage of side projects going in Denver. Keep reading to see Dragondeer in action, along with our picks for Denver's ten best side projects.

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Dragondeer (due tomorrow night at the Larimer Lounge) Above is a three-song set from the UMS featuring Eric Halborg and the other members of Dragondeer, Cole Rudy and Carl Sorensen, doing "Deep Elem Blues," "Messin' with the Kid" and "Down to the Tracks."

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