Despite her name, tINI has big talent

tINI holds down residencies in Ibiza, London and other high-profile cities all over the world as well as in her native Germany; despite her name, she's clearly a force to be reckoned with. Then again, her moniker is just as likely a nod to her minimalist techno vibe as it is to any other facet of her persona: tINI's best known for deceptively simple and insistently funky grooves that enrapture dance-music fanatics and ensnare them in their deep threads. Her first instrument was a drum kit, which she picked up at the age of seven, and from there she began tapping out tunes on an Atari, so the progression to minimal techno seems a given. (It's also easy to see where she cultivated her affinity for snaking drum lines and robotic effects.) Catch tINI at NORAD on Saturday, February 23, with Mike Robot and Tess (and Peter Van Hoesen, also in from Berlin and playing a very special extended after-hours set).


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