With a furious brevity that makes even Jodie Foster's Army seem self-indulgent by comparison, Dethbox's debut seven-inch boasts an unlikely nineteen tracks, most clocking in at under thirty seconds. Largely a skate-punk/hardcore litany of misanthropic sentiments, Oofda!! is not without its moments of obvious humor and inspired angsty extravagance. "Hatexedgexonxthexstraightxedge" is a hilariously pointed take on the modern straight-edge movement (superfluous x's and all), while "Sheet Metal Jesus" punctures the pomposity of hypocritical holy rollers, and "Courtesy Wave" decries the lack of basic civility we run into every day. Hardcore has been done to death, but these guys have managed to digest the essential canon of the movement and reinvent it as the caustic nuggets that make up this release.


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