The Devil in disguise.
Shannon Brooke

Devil Doll

Roy Orbison once sang about falling in love with a Devil Doll. Old Roy's gone now, but we have a sneaking suspicion that if he was still kicking, he'd flip head over heels for Miss Colleen Duffy, aka Devil Doll, a sultry pinup-girl-gone-bad ingenue who's graced the covers of countless tattoo and chopper magazines. One of the founders of Hep Cat Records, Duffy knows a thing or two about rockabilly and swing. She's the type of gal who'd tell you if you had fucked-up hair or bad tattoos and would let you know that she's not your fucking Cadillac — as she does on "St. Christopher," from her debut, Queen of Pain. Yessir, she's got a bad-ass attitude alright, but coming from a lady who writes on her website that she's "the story of sex and sorrow, late rainy nights and a bottle of broken dreams," what else would you expect?


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