Devin the Dude

For anyone else, releasing an album titled Suite #420 on 4/20 would be overkill. For Devin the Dude, it's an understatement. The veteran MC has made a career of rapping about pot in all its glorious and manifold forms, though that career has been less than blazing lately: After starting out as a Rap-A-Lot labelmate of Scarface and Geto Boys in the '90s, not to mention guesting on songs by De La Soul and Dr. Dre, Devin has never broken through to a wider audience. Accordingly, his records have grown increasingly one-note and navel-gazing, with loping, bass-heavy jams rolling underneath the rapper's gently stoned flow. Suite #420 is no exception, but it's a given that Devin's perpetual goofiness-frozen-in-time haze resonates with his similarly medicated fan base.


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