Dexter Romweber Duo

Long before the White Stripes became widely popular, the bluesy, rockabilly two-piece Flat Duo Jets pioneered a similar sound and attitude for nearly two decades. Although often associated with the Athens, Georgia, music scene of the '80s due to a memorable scene in the movie Athens, GA: Inside Out, Flat Duo Jets were from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. When the Jets called it quits in 1999, the band's singer and guitarist, Dexter Romweber, had a bit of a crisis of conscience about his role as an artist but continued to release music under his own name, and as the Dexter Romweber Duo. The current lineup of the duo includes Romweber's sister Sara, formerly of power-pop legends Let's Active. Touring in support of their most recent release, 2009's Ruins of Berlin, the Romwebers always deliver a rousing performance.


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