Diane Cluck

While the freak-folk explosion led by Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsome has turned quite a few heads, there are kindred artists of soul and purity who aren't quite as spotlight-happy. Brooklyn's Diane Cluck, an exponent of New York's tightly knit antifolk scene, has been performing her crystalline acoustic songs for the past few years, and her four self-released albums -- Diane Cluck, Macy's Day Bird, Black With Green Leaves and Oh Vanille/Ova Nil -- hold their own against those of her more famous counterparts. With a voice that pierces even as it lulls, she brings to her music a sense of lush melody every bit as honest as Chan Marshall and as mystical as Vashti Bunyan. Cluck rarely plays out of state, so these two shows are a rare chance to glimpse a talent of true beauty and integrity that the fickle currents of hipsterdom hopefully won't overlook for long.


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