Digital Mystiks gets glitchy at Cervantes' on Thursday, July 12

The Denver production superstars behind Sub.mission continue to put this city on the map by bringing in internationally known dub-driven acts to wobble and whomp up local clubs, and they've recently increased their profile by booking Digital Mystikz, the dubstep production duo comprising Mala and Coki from South London's Norwood suburb. The two are key players in the DMZ record label and bi-monthly DMZ nightclub, which sets dubstep trends in London (and, thus, across the world). Their sound is more intelligent and subtle than much of the heavy whomping popular among many stateside producers; in fact, the sounds that Digital Mystikz drops — though still dark, uncanny and heavy — are glitchier and cleaner than the music most dubstep-heads are used to. But don't let that turn you off: This is the future of the genre, and you'll find the mixes heady and, well, mystical, blowing off the top of your skull and channeling down some of the ominous music of the stars. Catch them on Thursday, July 12, at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom.


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