Dinner With Cannibals at the Larimer Lounge

Emerging from the rubble of experimental-rock terrorists Bangtel, Dinner With Cannibals pursues a similarly twisted musical vision. But with a name that alludes to Looney Tunes composer Raymond Scott, these Cannibals (due at the Larimer Lounge on Friday, May 8) also take a comically playful approach to their creative output while injecting heaps of melodramatic violence. Songs often start with a zany jazz passage before either weaving in or jumping headlong into death-metal/grindcore sections that are beaten about by eccentric changes in tempo and time signature. It would be tempting to chalk this up to a prog-rock and classical underpinning, but these guys go too far off the rails to fit that box very well. If Mr. Bungle had the snotty sneer of the Crucifucks, you might get something like this unholy, glorious mess of a band.


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