Dirt Nasty

In the early '90s, when he began his pop-culture career, Dirt Nasty was better known as Simon Rex — a super-tan MTV VJ and the occasional star of screwball comedies and prime-time teen shows. Around 2007, Rex went in a new direction: He adopted the Dirt Nasty moniker and became a purveyor of cocaine-laced sex raps. Alongside Mickey Avalon, Beardo and Andre Legacy, his white-boy rhyme act was legitimized, and Rex found a niche market audience for his over-the-top fucked-upedness. With three albums and several tours on his resumé, Rex continues to ride the Dirt Nasty train, but, smartly, into more radio-friendly territories. Last year he collaborated with party monsters LMFAO for "I Can't Dance," a self-deprecating look into his Jewish heritage. The actor-turned-rapper is also a former porn star — but through the glazed-over eyes of Dirt Nasty, Rex has cleverly transformed the skeletons in his closet into an appealing form of wasted entertainment.


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