The product of an unholy coupling of technical death metal and guttural grindcore, Engage the Mechanicality — the second and latest release by Kansas's Diskreet — is less concerned with genre purity and more obsessed with snapping necks. That said, there's a sinister cerebration to the group's necro-centric onslaught. Steeped in evil, messy mortality and apocalyptic phantasmagoria, the album showcases Diskreet's fearless probing of mankind's failings and frailties — all delivered with the concision of a forensic scientist hovering over an examination table. Not that bleak riffs, bestial growling and flurries of harmonized leads aren't delivered with homicidal fury. Engage was recorded last year in Denver by internationally revered metal producer Dave Otero, so the band already knows the way to 3 Kings for this death-dealing show.


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