Dissonance in Design

Progressive metal is a demanding genre, but Dissonance in Design exceeds expectations on its latest full-length, Sentient. A concept album about god-like aliens from another dimension who are unleashed upon Earth as the result of a scientific experiment gone wrong, the record is filled with lyrics that read like an episode of Doctor Who, only its instrumental components reflect even more imagination. Sentient will appeal to fans who appreciate the heavier parts of Faceless or Between the Buried and Me, only without the wild experimentation that makes those bands less accessible. That's not to say that it's a nonstop, face-mashing assault. While the vocals are indeed aggressive, the band slows down just enough on songs like "Entwined in Aether" and "Terminus Pt. II" to make the heaviest parts even heavier. The tracks all flow seamlessly into each other, which turns the album into one 47-minute-long saga.


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