DJ Carlos brings salsa house to the Beauty Bar on March 23

House music lends itself well to worldwide variation and influence, so it's not entirely unexpected that a subgenre like salsa house would garner a widespread following. And when you've got someone as talented as DJ Carlos heading up a movement to bring the style to the forefront, then it's also not surprising when that DJ's name almost becomes synonymous with the movement itself. Carlos leans toward sassy horns and bass lines with upbeat tempos, as well as selections that range from classic rock like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin -— modernized with trippy scratching — to hard-hitting techno tracks. He'll be heading in from San Francisco, where he regularly packs dance floors across the city, to the Beauty Bar for B-Elated on Friday, March 23, along with the Dirty Funk Squad's Heather Suzanne, Mike Disco and DJ Dylan. The DFS's Bedroom Hustlers, with Himay and Travis Press, will make their debut at the after-party.


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