DJ Chloe

The genre-hopping, boundary-defying mixes of DJ Chloe are like a long, scenic trip through the fringes of dance music. At one point she'll luxuriate in the spacey, wide-open arrangements of ambient, letting gurgling filter sweeps push things along. Seconds later she's transitioned into the kind of unadorned synthesizer tones and chugging, sequenced rhythms pioneered by Kraftwerk. And before you get too comfortable, she's mixing in subliminally pulsing microhouse and cueing up a record that recalls the growling, aggressive electronics and chunky breaks of acts like Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb. DJ Chloe has the open-minded, adventurous spirit that characterizes the best experimental electronic artists, balanced with an unswerving allegiance to the mood and pacing of her set. The combination makes for exciting, startlingly original mixes that push the boundaries of what works on the dance floor without abandoning the primal importance of the groove. Check out her MySpace page ( to hear a variety of her mixes, then catch her in person this Friday, November 9, at Limón.


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