DJ Colette at Bar Standard

DJ Colette is not just another pretty face. She's a pretty face, a sultry, gorgeous voice and some serious DJ skills all wrapped up in one seriously kick-ass package. She's a Chicago native who draws on her home town's rich house history, then pushes the electronics to the front and drapes her amazing vocals over the top of both her productions and her DJ sets. It's a classic, vocal-rich (hers as well as other vocal tracks) house sound with some excellent forward-looking, quasi-progressive touches. Live or on her mixes and productions, her singing and spinning skills make her work something special, and listeners have responded with enthusiasm. Her debut artist album, Hypnotized, was the most downloaded house album on iTunes in June 2005, and she had a track licensed to The Devil Wears Prada. With everything Colette brings to the table, house fans should be hearing a lot from her in years to come. Denver fans can start Saturday, November 29, when she plays at Bar Standard, including an 8 p.m. listening party and CD-signing in the Juice Joint.


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