DJ Forest Green

Under the "sounds like" heading on DJ Forest Green's MySpace page, it reads, "Electronic Dance Music Identity Crisis!!!" This seemingly humorous line says worlds about what Green brings to the decks. Her mixes and bio reveal a woman with an insatiable, voracious appetite for anything and everything danceable or electronic. She also has an incredible ear for picking out the best tracks and fitting them together into kick-ass freeform sets that touch upon everything from the newest, most streamlined minimal techno to old-school, cheese-filled rave tracks. Even better, Green always manages to maintain a coherent feel in the mix. Maybe that's a consequence of having studied music formally, or from her decade of experience behind the tables. Catch Green this Saturday, February 2, at the Regenr8 party, which features a formidable lineup of local talent, including sound logic. Get more info on Regenr8 at or by texting REGEN to 50555.


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