DJ Heidi

Canadian-born, London-based DJ Heidi helps run Phonica, one of the most important record stores in London, so it's no surprise that she has a knack for picking out absolutely killer tracks. She works in the realm of minimal house and techno, where hypnotic, dubby basslines push the tracks along, bathed in pulsing layers of blissfully spaced-out synths. She's also done a bit of production, releasing tracks such as "Vejer" in conjunction with her musical partner Riton. On her debut mix CD, Monza Club Ibiza Vol. 1, she deftly builds a monster set from a carefully balanced selection of tracks sequenced for maximum impact. Tunes by John Tejada, Cobblestone Jazz, Martin Landsky and even a remixed Hot Chip song become the building blocks for a gorgeous, summery mix that all but compels you to shake your ass. When she appears Saturday, August 9 at Beta, expect the same compulsion to overtake you.


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