DJ Irene brings her hard-house style to Beta on March 3

DJ Irene -- whose name is fairly synonymous with "hard house" -- has been producing mixes and music at an exuberant rate since the late '90s (her album-release rate has dropped since mid-2000, but she still tours incessantly and pounds her beats into dance floors all over the world). Although she's mixing in more trance and progressive house these days, her tendency toward house music and the pace of her mixing helped her cement the title of Global House Diva. By pitching the tracks up and mixing them quickly, Irene delivers an energetic, confident sound that's worthy of its "hard" qualifier; she can fit forty tracks on an album that most house DJs would easily fill with ten. She continues to bring rousing house tunes to the masses (those who caught her at Skylab 2010 can attest to her booty-shaking skills), and she'll do it again over Beta's superb sound system on Thursday, March 3.


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