DJ Yahel

Yahel Sherman, who hails from Israel, is one of the more popular artists to rise from the emerging psy-trance scene. Along with his fellow Israelis in Infected Mushroom, DJ Yahel has spent the past few years traveling the globe and spreading his sound to ravers and clubbers alike; in addition, a slew of mix CDs and several highly successful singles released on Tiesto's label, Black Hole, have solidified his status as an up-and-coming producer and jock to watch. Although he isn't committed to a single style, Yahel tends to stick to the trance side of the equation when spinning. His typical set is highly melodic, floaty, uplifting and catchy as all hell. Discover what the psy-trance craze is all about when Yahel makes his Denver debut on Friday, December 23, at Vinyl.


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