Doc Martin

Doc Martin has been in the public eye since the mid-'80s -- long enough to see the footwear his name recalls go in and out of style half a dozen times. He got his start in San Francisco, and thanks to an approach that's both relentless and engaging, he eventually became the first major DJ to hold down simultaneous residencies on the West and East coasts. In 1996 he made his recorded-mixology debut with Unlock Your Mind, a Moonshine Records release that spelled out its mission on the very first track; the word "house" pops up at predictable intervals throughout his clever treatment of DJ Sneak's "Latin Sequel." Despite the quality of the set as a whole, Martin has only gotten a handful of additional opportunities to memorialize his techniques on plastic. (His most recent platter, Sublevel: True School, which came out in May, is only the fifth full-length with his name above the title.) Nonetheless, he remains a high-quality spinner with an encyclopedic knowledge of modern grooves. That kind of wisdom will always be fashionable.


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